One of the most critical issues for you on coming to Miami is finding a suitable place to live. Where you choose to live for the next few years may have a major impact on your new lifestyle.

Buying a house or other property upon first arriving to Miami is probably not the wisest option for most new residents.  You might better choose to rent a house or an apartment before selecting a more permanent housing option.

There are several options for housing. The most common initial living arrangement for newly arriving residents is a rented apartment or house. There are many areas in Miami to choose from. Some choose to live in hospital-adjacent apartments many people live in Brickell, and some live in South Beach. Other areas people live in are Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Kendall. Information on these and other housing options may be obtained directly from our residency program office and fellow residents in the program.

Examples of places where residents live:

1.      Brickell/Brickell Key:
Pros:  10 minutes from JMH, lots of residents live there, close to other areas  of Miami, lots of different apartments to choose from, Mary Brickell Village is an  area with restaurants, etc., and is in the middle of Brickell. Metrorail station nearby.
Cons: Some of the apartments are expensive/most of them are on the upper range of pricing, mainly only apartments, Mary Brickell Village is the only social area in Brickell.

2.      South Beach:
Pros: 10 minutes from JMH, wide range of housing prices to choose from, lots of social areas/things to do, beach!!
Cons: Can get a little hectic, may not be the best option for families.

3.      Jackson Towers/Dominion Towers:
Pros: close to JMH, affordable, no need for a car to get to work. Walking distance to JMH (~2 blocks).
Cons:  not the newest buildings in Miami, not the nicest area in Miami.

4.      Coconut Grove:
Pros: 15-20 min from JMH, close to many areas of Miami, laid back atmosphere, lots of restaurants, range between apartments and houses, range between costs of housing. Nearby metrorail station.
Cons: not many residents live there, not many apartments (can rent condos/houses).

5.      Kendall/Dadeland area:
Pros: cheaper housing, apartments and houses available, may be better for families. Metrorail station at Dadeland mall with park-and-ride feature.
Cons: far from campus (in traffic can take 30 min), not many residents live there.

Since you will spend a great deal of time at the hospital and commuting back and forth, you might want to consider choosing a property relatively near the hospital or at least convenient to roadways.   Public transportation via the Miami Metrorail is available as well; however, you will still need a car to drive to the Metrorail stops. The Metrorail also has a decreased number of trains running at night and can be a little unsafe late at night.

If you have school age children, be aware that public schools are directly connected to the school district in which you reside. If you prefer a particular public school district you might want to consider a house or apartment within that school district. Your fellow residents or program staff with children could be a source of advice on this issue.

The quality of life and safety of a neighborhood are other issues to consider when choosing a place to live. Certain areas may have particularly high crime rates or may be dangerous for residents coming or going late at night.

Many rental apartments or houses come already furnished. If not, consider buying second-hand furniture from residents who are leaving the program, or purchase furniture from big markets, such as Target, Wal-Mart, IKEA, etc. While looking for a place to live, if you don't have a friend who you can stay with, you might need to stay at a reasonably priced hotel.

Examples of websites to search for apartments:

There are many hotel options in Miami. You can use google to find hotel options in the area you want to stay in. if you want to stay close to JMH, there is a SpringHill Suites within walking distance to the hospital:

SpringHill Suites
1311 NW 10th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33136 USA
Phone:  1-305-575-5300

Try the following websites for good hotel deals: