Block schedule


As of July 2015, we have transitioned to a 4+2+2 block schedule for all residents. Four week inpatient blocks are separated by two weeks of ambulatory care and two weeks of either Vacation, Night Relief, or Elective. The 4-week blocks are reserved for inpatient wards, critical care, emergency medicine, quality improvement, and elective rotations. Our 2-week ambulatory care blocks consist of 4 half-days of continuity practice at each resident's assigned site (JMH, VA, or UMHC) and 1 academic half-day each week. On days when residents are not in their continuity practice, they participate in QI, research, subspecialty clinics, and panel acute care visits. The program is divided into 4 firms. Each firm moves together.

categorical PGY-1 Sample schedule



Internal medicine preliminary interns are guaranteed well-rounded exposure to both inpatient and outpatient medicine, with the depth and breadth to prepare them for their subsequent clinical training.  Preliminary year does not have a continuity clinic requirement and therefore does not necessarily follow a strict 4+2+2 format. The exact breakdown may vary slightly from year to year, but as of the 2016-2017 academic year,  preliminary interns have 8-10 weeks of elective time and 2 weeks of research time, aside from their other rotations as detailed below.


Preliminary PGY-1 Sample Schedule