Ambulatory Practice


We have three different sites at which residents can have their ambulatory practice. Based on preference and site-specific requests, incoming residents are each assigned to a particular clinic at which they will develop their practice over the next three years. Residents at each site are exposed to many different aspects of outpatient medicine, and because of the welcome diversity that each site provides, each resident will have a unique experience by the end of their training. Categorical residents will have the opportunity to see "walk-in" patients at each clinic location during their three years of training, so that they may experience different systems of health care delivery.


Ambulatory Care Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital

Jackson’s Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) West Academic Internal Medicine Primary Care clinic is one of the major safety net clinics in Miami. The clinic serves a population that is multicultural and predominantly low income. Many of the clinic’s patients were born outside the U.S.  Residents at ACC are supervised closely by an attending physician, but are also given significant responsibility managing a panel of patients with complex medical, social, and psychological needs. Many residents find the experience extremely gratifying, as their patients rely on them as their primary care provider. A nurse navigators, social worker, dietitian, and scheduler are assigned to our clinic, which also has a dedicated staff of nurses and medical assistants.



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 Miami VA Medical Center

The Miami VA Medical Center caters to the military veteran population and their dependents, providing exposure to some of the unique medical and psychiatric conditions prevalent in our patient population as well as universally applicable principles of primary care.  Each patient at the VA is assigned not only to a primary care provider, but to a teamlet in a Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT), which includes an attending, resident physicians, RN, LPN, and clerk who function as unit.  Also available to work directly with residents and patients within the clinic are a clinical pharmacist, a social worker, a psychologist, and a nutritionist.  The PACT serves to coordinate care, ensure access to care and continuity, and provide opportunities for panel management and process improvement using quality indicators.  We believe the PACT model provides a medical home for our patients and affords trainees an exceptional opportunity to become fully integrated into a team where each member practices at the top of his/her license, providing high quality patient-centered care. 



University of Miami Professional Arts Center (PAC)

The ambulatory clinic at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics is a resident-faculty practice created in 2010.  Four interns join the practice group each year and are fully integrated with the faculty and staff as partners.  The goal is to expose interns and residents to the world of private practice.  Our patient population consists primarily of adults with private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.  Residents are incorporated into patient care teams consisting of 2 attendings , 4 residents/interns, and 1 medical assistant. The residents manage a panel of patients, learn how to navigate the “world of insurance”, and explore new innovations in health care.   We prepare residents for what we believe is the future of medicine by providing opportunities to integrate quality indicators, process improvement and population health management into routine patient care.